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French Republic - a nation that is located in Western Europe. It is one of the largest countries in Europe. HOwever, when compared to the world, its total land area is approximately 640,000 kilometers square. It gives them 42nd position in the ranking of the largest nations in the world.

The name of the country comes from the Latin Francia. It meant the realm of the Franks, the group of Germanic tribes that lived on the edge of the Roman Empire - between the Lower Rhine and the Ems River. The government is a unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic, and the head of the nation is president Emmanuel Macron. Other crucial personas are Jean Castex (Prime Minister) or Gerard Larcher (President of the Senate).


One of the most important indicators that show the wealthiness of France is, obviously, the Gross Domestic Product. It shows that France is the second wealthiest country (if we exclude Russia) in European Union with GDP estimated at $3.3 trillion according to data from 2019. It means that the French economy actually accounts for approximately 15% of Europe's total GDP.

Another important aspect of French economy is its GDP growth. Since in 2018 France’s GDP was $3.1 trillion, it means that their annual growth is around 1.5%, which is approximately the same as in the case of the European Union.

The actual wealthines of the citizens can be calculated if we take into account the GDP per capita. In this case, French people can hope for approximately $50,000 on average. It means that they are above the average in Europe that is around $46,000. Let’s also remember about the growth in the last year, which is considerably lower than other data collected in 2019. It shows 1.3% of growth when compared to GDP per capita in 2018.

Two other crucial economic features are imports and exports of goods and services. In this case, France can boast with export at around $862 billion, which is only 31% of their entire GDP. The number of goods and services they accept from foreign countries, namely import figures, are around $890 billion, which is 32% of their entire GDP.


There are 67 million people that live in France, making it the second most populated nation in the EU. According to data collected in 2019, this figure represents 15% of the total population in Europe.

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